Practice session Mindful Yoga at Emec19 | Jolien Posthumus

Practice session Mindful Yoga at Emec19 | Jolien Posthumus

As more scientific proof of mindfulness comes to light, people are steadily considering practicing yoga. Did you know that after Mindful Yoga you will process information quicker, make clearer decisions and your memory is sharper. So it’s a great way to start the last day EMEC2019!

This practice session is your self-care time. We talk about the importance of self-care. And we know … it’s so hard for you to prioritize yourself and set that time aside. This is that time! To maybe get outside of your comfort zone. This is the time to say, “You know what, I’m going to turn my mobile phone off for an hour, and I’m going to go do something just for myself”.

This practice session is yoga-based movement with Mindfulness. Becoming aware of what’s going on inside our body increases overall wellness and reduces stress. We will move into a blend of several different forms of yoga, combine all the elements to enhance awareness through movement. All you need is a bottle of water and something to keep you warm like socks and a sweater. Hope to welcome you Sunday morning!

Jolien Posthumus is Event Manager and Mindfulnesstrainer MBSR. As a certified trainer, she is trained in guiding Mindfulness, Yoga and Meditation and educated in psychology and our brain (neuroscience). Next to this, she works as Event Manager Corporate at the Van Gogh Museum. In the beginning of this year she combined the two professions as she was Event Manager at the International Conference in Mindfulness 2018.